I provide a FLAT RATE and prefer earning through photography more than by selling prints, People I work with often enjoy printing their own photos but I can arrange some prints if you want. After the effort capturing images, I would like for you to receive most all photos if possible. Instead of packages, price is adjusted for your needs, location and time.



Wedding photography is not one-day work. One couple may need photos for one hour, while another may ask for the day. Both will take more than one day to plan, prepare gear and organize photos. I have several cameras, plenty of lenses and several lights to cover all the basics. Realistically, photography for most weddings should range between $500 - $3500. If you would like an engagement shoot, I can price them separate or together. A print release provided to you is standard practice. And a few couples have opted to sign a "model release" which opens the door to a small reduction.



Corporated head shots, portraits and real estate photography are available. I am not a "product photographer" for small catalogue items, but will gladly capture rooms, groups, buildings, equipment and a few events. My cameras provide single image files up to 8600 x 5600 which should cover most business needs.



I have photographed couples from as far away as Florida and Hawaii, who traveled for redwood weddings. Usually I enhance their adventure beyond photos because I arrive at least one day early. If they arrive early, I can teach about the trees and make the trip more memorable. I can also travel to other destinations around the Pacific NW and elsewhere.



Be sure both parent and student know the outfits in advance. Arriving like-minded saves time for variety. Please go with solids instead of patterns. If you have limited funds, ask for options. Senior sessions often involve a couple hundred images or more. But we could scale-back, take 40 and adjust some of those to fit a tight budget. Otherwise an average senior session should be between $200 to $500. For students who enjoy sports, I have several lights and remote light triggers for enhanced photos where footballs, soccer balls or other accessories are put into motion. Enough light modifiers are available for team photos.



Engagement sessions are usually outdoors. For families, I prefer an outdoor location because the amount of space is easier to position family and friends. If you want to change outfits, no problem. I can arrange a private enclosure that is dry and clean with headroom for you to change. Presently, I do not advertise newborn photography since I do not store an entourage of accessories for that niche.