Presently, I prefer a FLAT RATE, providing individual price quotes instead of packages. That way customers pay for what they need, freed from limited options. It just takes a few minutes to learn your needs, location and theme. Estimates are usually free. Here are a few things to keep in mind:



Wedding photography is almost never a one-day piece of work, and takes hours of planning and preparing gear for any wedding. One couple may want photos during a one hour ceremony. Another couple may want sunrise to midnight coverage for preparation, ceremony and reception. Both those weddings will take one or more extra days to review, and process. No wedding seems to involve less than a full day and a half when all is said and done. A full day of photography may lead to several days of extra time. Also, I like to remain flexible. Rather than adhering to some "package", I prefer the freedom to adapt to your wedding day and possible unexpected changes like weather.


Please be sure parent and student know what outfits will be brought in advance. Some parents like conservative and some students like hot styles, so don't drop surprises on each other at the last moment. Debates out in the field can eat-away at time, and lost time will cost you extra photos. My price will include a time-frame we need to stay within. Also, try to include more solids than patterns. .


I prefer earning through photographing and not by selling prints. People I work with generally enjoy printing their own photos whenever and wherever they need.

Some photographers load huge image files online and let customers pick and choose. I treat the photograph matter differently. Most images fall into three groups. 1. In focus and taken properly. 2. The "bad" where focus was off, etc. 3. Repetitive and virtually identical.

The bad images and repeat (duplicate) are removed. This leaves relatively good images, where either you or me could like or dislike various poses or composition. Regardless, this last batch is fairly solid when it boils down exposure, focus, etc.. Those will all be adjusted. I start with what looks best to my eye, then synchronize those adjustments to other photos. Then all of them are saved into folders. One folder will be the photos I deem better than others. But the remainder will be saved in one or more other folders. Afterward, I will mail all these images to you on a Flashdrive. It basically supercedes selecting,

Usually, I email samples as I am adjusting the photos, even the first couple days. For weddings, high school or whatever. This provides something to enjoy, share and save until the rest of the photos are sent.