I usually quote a FLAT RATE instead of packages, and prefer earning through photography and not so much by selling prints. People I work with often enjoy printing their own photos as needed, but I can arrange various prints if you need. Some photographers load images online and let customers choose. I approach this differently. After so much effort capturing images, I'd rather you receive most all of them if possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind:



Wedding photography is not a one-day piece of work and takes hours planning and preparing gear. One couple may need photos during a one hour ceremony and another may want sunrise to midnight coverage. Both weddings take one or more days to plan, review, organize and process. No wedding involves less than a full day. I like to remain flexible. Rather than some package, I adapt to your wedding day and unexpected changes. Realistically, photography for most weddings should range between $750 and $3000.



I have photographed couples from as far away as Florida and Hawaii, who traveled to the coasts to marry. Realizing they have an affinity for that forest, I try to enhance their experience beyond just wedding photos if their time allows. For this kind of wedding, I arrive at least one day early. And for couples who an interest, I can share extra time in the forest to point out some unique features to make their visit more memorable. I can also travel to other locations for couples who appreciate having someone reliable to work with.



Please be sure both parent and student know the outfits in advance. Arriving like-minded will save us time and increase our potential for variety. Try to include more solids instead of patterns. If you have limited funds, ask for options. Senior sessions often involve taking a couple hundred images or more. But what if we scale-back, take 40 and adjust 8 of the best for you? Otherwise, an average senior photo session should fall between $200 and $600.



Engagement sessions are usually outdoors. For families, I prefer an outdoor location because the space is easier to position family and friends. If you want to change outfits, no problem. I can arrange an private enclosure that is dry and clean with 6 feet headroom for you to change.



I prefer to send everything that's good. Questionable images and duplicates are removed, leaving good images with various poses and compositions. Those can all be adjusted. I start with what looks best, then synchronize adjustments to the rest. All are saved to folders. Afterward, I send the images on a flash drive. If you want some prints included, please mention. Usually, I email samples while adjusting. providing something to enjoy and share until the rest are sent.