Presently, I prefer a FLAT RATE, providing individual prices instead of packages. That way customers pay for what each person really needs. It just takes a few minutes to learn the details and locations that will determine time and cost. Estimates are usually free. Here are a few things to keep in mind:



Wedding photography is never a one-day piece of work, and takes hours of planning and preparing gear for any wedding. One couple may need photos during a one hour ceremony and another may want sunrise to midnight coverage. Both weddings will take one or more extra days to plan, review, organize and process. No wedding involves less than a full day, or two. I like to remain flexible. Rather than some "package", I prefer the freedom to adapt to your wedding day and possible unexpected changes. Realistically, photography for most weddings should start between $750 and $2000


Please be sure both parent and student know what outfits will be brought in advance. Some parents like conservative and some students like hot styles. Please don't drop surprises on each other at the last moment. Arriving like-minded will save us time, because lost time will diminish our potential variety. Also, try to include more solids than patterns. An average senior photo session should start between $250 and $500.

If you are a parent with limited funds, but really want a few high quality portraits for your son or daughter, ask for options. Senior sessions often involve a couple hundred images or more. But what if we scale-back a little?


Engagement sessions are almost always outdoors, but I'm flexible. For families, I prefer an outdoor location. It's easier to position family and friends. And we won't have to contend as much with reflections in frames or windows.


I prefer earning through photography and not by selling prints. People I work with often enjoy printing their own photos whenever they need.

Some photographers load image files online and let customers choose. I have a different approach. Most images fall into three groups. 1. In focus and taken properly. 2. The "bad" where focus was off, etc. 3. Repetitive and near identical.

The bad images and duplicate are removed. This leaves relatively good images with various poses or composition. This last batch is fairly solid when it boils down exposure, focus, etc.. Those can all be adjusted. I start with what looks best, then synchronize adjustments to others. Then all are saved into folders. One folder will be photos I deem better than others. But the remainder can be saved in one or more other folders. Afterward, I mail all the images on a Flashdrive. It basically supercedes selecting,

In most cases, I email samples as I am adjusting the photos. For weddings, high school or whatever, this provides something to enjoy, share and save until the rest of the photos are sent.