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Welcome. My name is Mario Vaden, and my wife is Jan Vaden. We live near Medford, Oregon, adjacent to the historic town Jacksonville. We keep a few dogs for creature comfort, and our two sons and two daughters have their own homes now.

My love for photography started years ago in the coast redwoods. The passion for portraits originated there too. Something about a water reflection lured my interest. I enjoy portraits as much as landscapes, and maybe even more. My photo sessions are known for being comfortable, and sometimes entertaining! Maybe it shows in a few photo samples.

Most of my life involved working outside and those years engrained an acute perception of changes in the environment. Outdoor photo sessions are among my favorite, but indoors is available too. I have ample gear for portraits, weddings and a some commercial work.

It should be evident, but if I have a style, it means realistic color, brightness and contrast. That approach seems to provide much nicer prints than "blown-out" lighting. Especially for larger sizes like 8x10 or 16x20. But I almost always experiment, too.

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Mario D. Vaden

Medford Oregon

Price quotes require a phone call because conversation is the best way to learn the variables. The email is for sharing sample images, lists or directions. I will need your name, phone and city for a start. Facebook is not a good option for contact because I don't use that media often. This site and phone are by far the best way to get in touch.

Every few weeks, I may be away from phone or internet signal for a couple of days during photography or exploring. But I check messages right away afterward. Meanwhile, a few extra notes are provided under "More" in the menu. Cheers ! Mario Vaden